Mary Ellen Mark

Mary Ellen Mark 
Née en 1940 à Philadelphie, États-Unis.

Pendant deux années consécutives 2001 et 2002, Mary Ellen Mark installa un studio lors du Twins Days Festival à Twinsburg, Ohio. 

"I've always been fascinated by twins. In my forty years of photographing, whenever there was an opportunity, I would take a picture of twins. I found the notion that two people could appear to look exactly alike very compelling." 

Twins, 2003, aperture, New York. 

© Mary Ellen Mark

Heather and Kelsey Dietrick, 7 years old, Kelsey older by 66 minutes, 2002.
From the series Twins, archival pigment print from 20x24" Polaroid, 37x40”. 
Courtesy of Aperture Foundation, NYC

Shane and Shawn Riggins, 29 years old, Shane older by 3 minutes, Twinsburg, Ohio, 2001

Melanie and Michelle King, 19 years old, Michelle older by 1 minute, Twinsburg, Ohio, 2002

 Erin and Erica Cunningham, Twinsburg, 2002

 Jennifer and Emily Carp, Twinsburg, 2002

Mindy & Michele Nelson, 11 years old, 2001-2002.

Walter and David Oliver, Twinsburg, 2001.

Don and Dave Wolf, Twinsburg, 2002.

Lakeasha and Takeasha Edwards, 21 years old, Lakeasha older by 5 minutes, Twinsburg, Ohio, 2002.

Rachel and Raquel Meachem, 8 years old, Rachel older by 57 minutes, Twinsburg, Ohio, 2001.

Marlene, and Amber Bruss, 19 years old, Marlene oldest by 1 minute, Rosalin second oldest by 1 minute, Twinsburg, Ohio, 2002.

Tabitha and Tiffany Good, Twinsburg, 2001.

Jenna and Meredith Spivey, Twinsburg, 2001.

Clifton and Charles Cherry, 48 years old, Clifton older by 10 minutes, Twinsburg, Ohio, 2001.

Miguel Angel and Marco Antonio Peralta, Twinsburg, 2002.

Steve and Jeff Nagel, 34 years old, Steve older by 4 minutes, Twinsburg, Ohio, 2001.

Dondre and Derrick Johnson with their sisters Tomakco and Tomekco Webster, Twinsburg, 2001.

Kate and Sarah Shields, Twinsburg, 2002.

Bessie Boyle and Dimitria Williams, 78 years old, Bessie older by 15 minutes, with friends Doug and Don Spence, 68 years old, Don older by 30 minutes, Twinsburg, Ohio, 2001.

Beth Whitaker and Judith Fischer, Twinsburg, 2002.

Roy and Amanda Tesmer and Rhianna and Troy Tesmer, Twinsburg, 2001.

Harvey and Elliott Caplan, Twinsburg, 2002.

Cydney  & Alexander Boyington, 6 years old, 2001-2002.

Cayla and Mylee Simmermon, 10 years old, Mylee older by 2 minutes,Twinsburg, Ohio,

Vashira and Tashira Hargrove, twins, Suffolk, New York, USA, 1993.
From the book "A Cry For Help"

Three Acrobats, Vazquez Brothers Circus, Mexico City, Mexico, 1997.

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