Janos Stekovics

Janos Stekovics

 Janos Stekovics is a Hungarian photographer and publisher based in Germany. 

Identical twins János and István Lukács, Hungarian farmers from the Puszta, in the 1980's.
 This is a collection of portraits he took of twin farmers in the 1980s. The Lukács twins were 63 years old when the photographer visited their village to photograph them.


 © Janos Stekovics


Pierre Auguste Renoir

Pierre Auguste Renoir (1841-1919), 
peintre français.

La promenade, 1875-76, huile sur toile,170,2 x 108,3 cm., Frick Collection New York

 Renoir, Madame Georges Charpentier et ses enfants, 1878, huile sur toile, 154 x 190 cm.,
Metropolitan Museum, New York.

Deux soeurs, 1889, huile sur toile, 64 x 54 cm., Collection privée. 

Acrobates du Cirque Fernando (Francisca and Angelina Wartenber), 1879, huile sur toile, 
131,5 x 99,5 cm., Potter Palmer Collection.

Kazuya Ogawa

Kazuya Ogawa
 artiste japonais né en 1979.

 © Kazuya Ogawa

"OKAPPA is one hairstyle that most Japanese people had once when they were little, and the name comes from kappa, an adorable mythical animal. These days, more Japanese are interested in own hairstyle, and they have different styles from others; however, one traditional hairstyle, OKAPPA will remain in our hearts, and we bring pure mind back by comparing what we are with what we were when we had the style. I believe that makes us happy."

Daniel Barckley

Daniel Barckley 
Peintre né à Montréal (Canada) en 1962.

 © Daniel Barkley


 Morality,Tale II Rob, 2011-2012.