Photographes de studio du Bénin

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Lambert  Correa, Cotonou, Bénin.

DASSI ISHE OLUWA Cotonou, Bénin.

Lawani , Cotonou, Bénin.

Michel Houkanrin,
Cotonou, Bénin.

 ABIOBUN, Pobé, Bénin.

 YAOITCHA, Pobé, Bénin.

 Edouard Mehomey, Porto Novo, Bénin.

ida Mehomey, Porto Novo, Bénin.

François Montcho  Ahehehinno, Porto Novo, Bénin. 

Michel Tonato (né en 1952), Cotonou, Bénin.

 Lisk-Carew Brothers 

Ibrahim Sanou

Tidiani Shitou 
ou Sitou

Abderamane Shitou

Malick Sidibe  

 Ibrahim Sanlé Sory (né en 1948)
Doubles portraits d'Ibrahim Sanlé Sory
à l'adresse:

Yêkini  Soumanou

Ibrahim Sanlé Sory

 Ibrahim Sanlé Sory (né en 1948)
Doubles portraits d'Ibrahim Sanlé Sory
à l'adresse:

Carrie Solomon

Carrie Solomon 
Née aux Etats-Unis.

© Carrie Solomon

Photographies du défilé printemps 2004 de Jun Takahashi (Marque Undercover)

Fritz Goro

Fritz Goro

"In 1944, Fritz Goro photographed several sets of identical twin teenage girls as they navigated the tricky terrain of figuring out who they were, together and apart."

Twin teenage girls working as Red Cross volunteers rolling bandages

Twin teenage girls sitting with sailors

Twin Teenage Girls Marching in Uniforms-LIFE, March 6th, 1944

Twin teenage girls kneeling in prayer.

Teenage twins with a real mirror, 1944.

And again, 1944.

Picture frame illusion, 1939-1940 - Twins - Female twins with picture fram

teenage girl who is one of a set of twins looking in mirror

Diane Arbus

Diane Arbus 
Diane Nemerov (1923-1971)



Martina Bacigalupo

Martina Bacigalupo 
Née en 1978 à Gênes, Italie.

© Martina Bacigalupo

"I have been working on identical twins since a long time. At the start I was fascinated by the differences, the variations, the uniqueness of each individual, within the same genetic code. And I focused on the details that made that different, and their struggle to create their own identity.  Then, throughout the years, and especially through the Burundian experience, the work took me elsewhere. I realized the importance of the other, for the identity process, its essential role: The other no longer as a limit, but as an opportunity."

And then the idea of Hito came forward. 

The Japanese ideogram used to represent the human being: the image of two people leaning one to another.
What makes human, is: to stand together. If one steps back the other falls." M.B. 2009.

"Hito (The double)"

Pas d'informations.

Walter & Benjamin, 30, London (Hito série)

Pas d'informations.

Emmanuela & Monica, 30, Genova (Hito série).

Stefania & Giovanna, 16, Rapallo, Italia.

Maria & Giovanna, 80, Rapallo, Italia.

Daniela and Chantelle, 4, Burundi.

Bukuro and Butoi, 12 minutes old, Burundi.

Odette & jeannine 11, Gitega, Burundi.

Ariela and Evelina, 2, Burundi.

Pas d'informations.

Titre inconnu, 2007.

Pas d'informations.

"Stream of water" & "Lotus flower", Pokhara, Nepal.

Andrew and Edward, 72, London.

 Ann & Clare, 32, U.K.

Mohammed & Kamal, 18, Beirouth, Lebanon.
Titre inconnu, 2007.

Pas d'informations.

Pas d'informations.