Moritz Aust

Moritz Aust
(né en 1996)
Photographe allemand.

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Self portrait series about twins, 2013.

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 A Tale Of Two Twins, 2013.

"This is the first picture of a "Twin" series I am doing this year. I want to express different stories with every single photo I'll take. This one tells a story about two brothers who were always doing the same. They donned the same clothes, they had the same haircut, they even played the same games together. But after a while they realized that they grew apart because they just focused on how similar they could be. They lost their connection to each other and none of the two wanted to accept that, so they kept playing with their clouds and grew further apart..."

The Little Details, 2013.
"Twin: A person that is exactly like another. But are twins exactly the same? I don’t think so. Every person is different even though you might think that they are the same. We judge people way too often about appearance and forget that they are all different deep inside. The little things are what make us different from each other. This photo is part of the “Twin” series I’m doing this year. I know this might be a little bit different to my other work but I like it and it represents what I want to tell."

Growing Distance, 2013. 

Too Big For This World, 2013.
""I shot this photo not only form my 365 project today but also for my twin series I’m still doing. It might be not the usual „twin“ picture because the „twins“ have different sizes but I liked the idea and thought that it would be nice to include it. :)"

Life, 2013. 
"Also a part of my twin series :) It makes me so super happy that I'm able to go out and shoot every single day again."

Exploring, 2013. 
Also taken at Mt. St. Helens in Washington. 


Caroline Briggs

Caroline Briggs
Née en Grande Bretagne.

"My series aims to avoid direct physical comparisons between twins while allowing the viewer to acknowledge and accept the twins’ similarities and differences. For the twin, it gives them a different perspective on their double identities and poses questions about their relationship and their desire – or lack of desire – to live completely separate lives."

© Caroline Briggs

Erik Kessels

Erik Kessels
Né en 1966 aux Pays-Bas.
Collectionneur, éditeur, photographe.

"In almost every picture"

Travail présenté aux Rencontres d'Arles, 2013.

"Kessels rescued this collection of photographs from a Brussels fleamarket. Taken on The Ramblas in Barcelona by professional photographers who snapped people on the streets,.

The twins always appear arm-in-arm in the same position. From the dates of the photogrpahs, Kessels concludes that one of the twins died by the end of the Second World War. In the subsequent images it appears a sif a space has been left open for her by the remaining twin."

© Erik Kessels

Anders Krisar

 Anders Krisar
Né en 1973,
vit et travaille à Stockholm, Suède.

© Anders Krisar
 Birth of us

 Untitled 2013
 Untitled, 2011/12

 M, 2008/10

Untitled, 2008-10.

One as two (2), 2004

Stephen Leslie

  Stephen Leslie

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© Stephen Leslie
Twins in Soho, 2010.

Twins in the supermarket, 2009.

  Twins on the Underground, 2009.

Nick Foster

Nick Foster
(pas d'informations)

Twin Me
"This is a little project that i am currently working on.

Me and my twin, there is also my mates who join in from time to time."

 © Nick Foster

Shinji Ogawa

Shinji Ogawa
Né en 1959 au Japon.

© Shinji Ogawa

"Stairs, Prague" 

 Eau De Robec


Pefect Pisa Project.

Alex Kanevsky

Alex Kanevsky
Né en 1963 à  Rostov-na-Donu, Russie.

©  Alex Kanevsky

 Twins Bath, série Proserpine, huile sur toile de lin, 168 × 168 cm, 2010.

K.B. and K.B, série The Fox and the Hedgehog, huile sur bois, 46 × 46 cm, 2013.

J.F.H. with Her Portrait, série Visitations, huile sur toile lin, 122 × 122 cm, 2008.

Leon Neal

Leon Neal
Photographe britannique.
Pas d'informations.
© Leon Neal

  Identical twins Edgar, left, and Gabriel pose for photographs with two versions of Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh's sunflower paintings at the National Gallery in London on Jan. 24. Brought together for the first time in 65 years, the National Gallery's own "Sunflowers" (1888) is joined by the Van Gogh Museum's "Sunflowers" 

Identical twins Ella & Lan, 2014

Franko Wiktor

Franko Wiktor 
Né en 1983 à Kielce, Pologne

© Franko Wiktor

 Twins , 2012

 Twins , 2012 

María Zarazúa

María Zarazúa
Née en 1974 à Madrid, Espagne.
 Projet " Parte de ti "

© María Zarazúa 

 Imanol y Aitor.
  Mar y Bea 
  Araceli y Mariana 
  Arantxa y Noemí.
 Jacobo y Pedro. 
 Belén y María. 
 Pepe y Pedro. 
 Miriam y Sandra. 
 Inés y Oliva. 
Bea y Pati.
Emilio y Juan. 
Lucía y Almudena.