Photographes G à J

Polly Gaillard 
Photographe américaine.
 Pas d'informations (via: © Polly Gaillard

Gao Brothers (Zhen et Qiang nés en 1956 et 1962)
Artistes chinois.
Black Space n°6, 2004, 120 x 120 cm. © Gao Brothers

 Stéphane Giner, Street Twins.
Stéphane Giner, Street Twins. 

Andrej Glusgold (né en 1968)
Né en Modavie (Union Soviétique), travaille en Allemagne.
After Hitchcock from the series Fairytales, 2010


Andrej Glusgold, After Hitchcock from the series Fairytales, 2010

Andrej Glusgold, "XTO Image Awards 1. prize at the category Fine Art", 2010.

 Maurice Guilbert,  
Double portrait de Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, 1892, photomontage.
© Musée Toulouse-Lautrec, Albi, France. 


George Holz (né en 1956)
Photographe américain.
Identical, 2000, silver gelatin print, 14 x 17 inches. © George Holz

Roni Horn (née en 1955)
Artiste, photographe et écrivain américaine.
Clown Mirror 2, 2001, 2 C-Prints, 30 x 30 cm.. © Roni Horn

Frank Horvat (né en 1928)
Né en Italie, d'une famille juive d'Europe centrale, vit en France.
Figure romane, Série "Sculptures romanes", 1996-1997.  © Frank Horvat 

Kolë Idromeno, 
Deux jeunes musulmans, Albanie, 1910.

Marilyn Monroe 15 years old, with twins, Getty Images Crédits Sherie Williams Footage, 
1 juillet 1941.

 Inconnu. Via blog Weimar Art:

 Inconnu, "Greek nude", le danseur Joseph Simons (double exposition)



 Inconnu, Pochette de l'album "L'un n'empêche pas l'autre" de Brigitte Fontaine, 2014.



 Inconnu, années 1930





 Inconnu, circa 1910, 8,8 x 13,5 cm., France. (Double exposition, cabinet photo).

Inconnu, circa 1900, 14 x 8,8 cm ( Double exposition, cabinet photo).

Inconnu,  "Turn your dog into two dogs", circa 1950.

Inconnu, 13,9 x 8,7 cm. (Double exposition) 

Inconnu, circa 1900, 8,8 x12,7 cm. (Double exposition)

 Inconnu, "Horseless wagon, Mendota", 1900, 13,9 x 8,7 cm. (Double exposition) 

 Inconnu, in manuel photo Cokin, "Double exposure".

Inconnu,  circa 1920, 8,8 x 13,8 cm. (Double exposition).

Inconnu, circa 1900. (Double exposition)



Eric Itschert,  « Narcisse », détail photo © Eric Itschert

Frieke Janssen (née en 1980)
Photographe belge.!/images/all/
 Photo de la première collection de Stromae avec le collectif Mosaert, 2014.

  Photo de la première collection de Stromae avec le collectif Mosaert, 2014.

Frieke Janssen?, Saisie d'écran du clip vidéo Papouatai de Stromae, 2013.

Philippe Jarrigeon (né en 1982)
Photographe français.

Rayure, 2012. © Philippe Jarrigeon

Svetlana Jovanovic (née en 1970)
Photographe née en Serbie, vit aux Pays-Bas.
 Jamie & Sheila, 2009. © Svetlana Jovanovic

Svetlana Jovanovic, Mash & Caro, 2009. © Svetlana Jovanovic 

J.T.R., Twins, Via Flickfr.

"I had just come from the ICP (, where I stood with my wife and son marveling at the Diane Arbus "identical twins" photo ( Ten minutes later, as we were waliking back to the Park Central Hotel, around 6th ave. and 56th, I spotted this pair. They were with an over-middle-aged, eastern european looking woman dressed in a black velour sweatsuit. I immediately asked them if they would pose, and without a word, the hurried into this pose. I had to hurry back to my wife and son, and regret not having more time to chat with them. I did not even get their names. Not very Diane Arbus of me. I also took a photo with my Holga. I saw them with the woman the next day in Bryant Park, but they were wearing dfferent outfits. One of them was checking her hair in a mirror. Although they readily posed for the camera, I don't have model releases for this image..."

 J.B. Jungblut, jumelles, c.1900, Metz, France. Cabinet photo.


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